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Rabu, 04 Oktober 2017

Limited Residence Permit Services - KITAS /ITAS

Indonesian economy more grow and develop, along with the growth, many foreign investors who invest in various businesses and locations in Indonesia. for example in the fields of mining, oil and gas, power generation, banking and others.

Along with this the services of immigration permit Indonesia semangkin in spur to work faster and precise in taking care of all immigration documents.
There are even some intestor candidates to visit Indonesia just a walk and around Indonesia while seeing what opportunities can be utilized in the future.

Immigration permit servicesindonesia may also serve new passport, extend and other handling all regarding your immigration.

With so many Foreign Investors in Indonesia to move the wheels of the national economy, it is possible that Foreigners will occupy important positions in Companies such as Managers or Directors. For Foreigners who occupy these important positions, legally required documents are required for their stay permits while working in Indonesia, namely KITAS / ITAS. Kitas management services for foreign nationals who work in Indonesia more much in need. On the contrary, the KITAS / ITAS Service Bureau should also encourage itself to always provide excellent service, why fellow KITAS / ITAS Handling Services for foreign citizens is also as tight as competition with each other.

 1.   Limited stay permit is given to:
        a. Foreigners who enter the Indonesian territory with the limited stay visa (VITAS) or convert
from  a visit permit ( B211 index visa) for following purposes:
            1. as investors;
            2. as experts;
            3. as clergy or clerics;
           4.  to enrol for education or training participants;
           5.  to conduct scientific research;
           6.  for reunion with a spouse who is a KITAS holder;
            7. for reunion of children of a foreign national with his/her Indonesian national father and /or
                 mother who have a legal family relationship;
            8. for reunion of children under 18 year old and unmarried with his/her father and/or mother
                who are KITAS holders;
            9. as a foreigner who formerly held Indonesian nationality; and
            10. as a tourist over the age of 55 years. (Special condition apply to this category)
       b.  A child who is born in Indonesian territory while his/her father and/or mother are KITAS
       c.  Ship captains,  crew or any foreign scientists working on a marine vessel, floatingstructure or         installation operating in Indonesian waters and its jurisdiction according the laws.
       d.  Foreigners who are married with an Indonesian spouse
        e. Children of foreigners who are married with Indonesian spouse
   2.  Short Term Workers; The limited stay permits is required for foreigners for short-term-
   3.  Limited stay permit will expire due to:
       a.  Return to foreigner’s home country or another country with no intention of re-entering Indonesia;
        b. Return to foreigner’s home country and not re-entering Indonesia before the expiry date of re-entry permit;
        c. Obtaining Indonesian citizenship;
        d. Expiry of the permit date;
        e. Conversion of limited stay permit to permanent stay permit;
        f. Cancellation of the KITAS by the Minister or appointed immigration officer;
        g. Deportation; or
        h. The event of decease of stay holder.

    1. General requirements and compulsory documents:
a.       Completed application form;
b.       Sponsor/guarantor letter (Exemption: foreigners who are married to an Indonesian citizen);
c.       Passport and a copy of passport photo/biodata page, visa, and recent arrival stamp;
d.       A valid entry permit date and date by which report to the immigration office (please check your arrival stamp;
e.       Domicile letter from local authority;
f.         Point d. and e. are exempted for ship captains, crew, or foreign experts working on a vessel, floating structure or installation in Indonesian waters
   2.  Specific Requirements as follows :
       a.  Investors, experts, and clergy/clerics must provide :
            1. A letter of Recommendation from related Ministry or other government agency;
            2. RPTKA (foreign workers utilization plan) document from the Ministry of Manpower.
        b. Foreigners who are intending to enrol in education and training, or to carry out scientific research must provide a recommendation letter from the related ministry or other government agency (The Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Level Education, or LIPI (Indonesia Science Board).

        c. Children born in Indonesia whose father and/or mother are KITAS holders must provide a:
            1. Copy of the child’s birth certificate;
            2. Copy of the parents’ marriage certificate from the government office ;
            3. Copy of the parents' passports ;
            4. Copy of the parents' current KITAS
        d.  Foreigners married to an Indonesian must provide a :
           1.  Letter from the Indonesian spouse to the immigration office confirming their marriage and a request for a KITAS for the foreign spouse;
            2. Copy of  their marriage certificate from the government office;
            3. Copy of their marriage report letter from the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate in their
 country and also from the civil registration office in Indonesia for spouses married abroad;
            4. Copy of a valid Indonesian identity card of the Indonesian spouse;
           5.  Copy of the Indonesian family card issued by their local authority.
        e. Children of a foreigner who is married to an Indonesian, must provide a :
            1. Request letter for a KITAS from their parents;
            2. Copy of their birth certificate;
            3. Copy of the parents’ marriage certificate from the government office;
            4. Copy of the parent’s valid Indonesian identity card;
            5. Copy of the parent’s Indonesian family card.
        f. Foreigners who intend to accompany his/her spouse who is a KITAS holder, must provide a :
            1. Copy of their marriage certificate from their government office;
            2. Copy of the relevant spouse's current KITAS;
        g. Foreign national children who are intending to join with their Indonesian father and/or mother, must provide a :
            1. Request letter for a KITAS from their parents;
            2. Copy of their birth certificate;
            3. Copy of parents' marriage certificate from the government office;
            4. Copy of parents' valid Indonesian identity card.
        h. Children under 18 years old and unmarried who are intending to join with his/her father and/or mother who are KITAS/KITAP holders, must provide a :
            1. Copy of their birth certificate;
            2. Copy of their parents'marriage certificate from the government office;
            3. Copy of their parents'passport;
            4. Copy of the parents'current KITAS.
        i. Former or ex-Indonesian Citizens, must provide any evidence/documents that s/he was an Indonesian citizen
        j. Tourists over the age of 55 years applying for a KITAS must provide a sponsor letter from a
            licenced travel bureau which has an official letter from The Ministry of Tourism.
        k. Ship Captains, crew or any foreign scientists working on a marine vessel, floating structure or
         installation operating in Indonesian waters and its jurisdiction according the laws, must provide:
            1. A crew list signed by the ship captain and acknowledged by the immigration officer at an
                immigration checkpoint;
            2. A letter of recommendation from the Ministry or other non-ministerial governmental
        a. To extend a stay permit you must provide your previous KITAS (limited stay permit card) with your file application
        b. A limited stay permit application must be filed by a foreigner or guarantor by filling out the application form and attaching the requirements and submitted to the head of the immigration office or to the immigration officer whose jurisdiction includes the residence of the foreigner;
        c. The Limited stay permit application by a foreigner who enters Indonesia with a limited stay visa must be submitted within 30 days after arrival;
        d. In the event that the limited stay permit has not been filed within 30 days, the foreigner will be considered as overstaying;
        e. Extension of limited stay permit is granted by the head of the immigration office whose jurisdiction incorporates the foreigner/applicant’s residence for a maximum 1 year at a time and for a maximum 5 times;
        f. A foreigner who applies for conversion from another permit category to a limited stay permit must obtain an approval letter from the office of the Directorate General of Immigration before being issued a KITAS.

Bureau of KITAS / ITAS services indonesia, books, passport and other imingasian for the surrounding Jakarta, please contact us kitas handling services for foreign nationals all over Indonesia. Our services are supported by human resources who are full of experience with work methods that are measurable and programmed.
Please contact us KITAS / ITAS Handling Services for Foreign Citizens:

Mr. Rap Turnip
Telp / Wa : 0813 8203 0070

Minggu, 30 April 2017


Proses mekanisme sertifikasi SMK3 harus dilakukan oleh pihak ketiga, dalam hal ini konsultan SMK3. Bagaimana cara sebuah perusahaan mendapatkan kriteria konsultan yang dapat membimbing perusahaan dalam melalui proses sertifikasi SMK3 dengan tujuan mendapatkan penghargaan Sertifikat SMK3 kita akan ulas dalam beberapa penjelasan kriteria dibawah ini :

1. Konsultan SMK3 atau konsultan audit SMK3 haruslah seorang yang mempunyai kompetensi di bidang tersebut, misalkan perusahaan kontraktor jasa konstruksi membutuhkan konsultan audit SMK3 untuk meraih Sertifikat SMK3 dengan cepat dan tepat, maka perusahaan harus memilih konsultan SMK3 yang ahli K3 bidang konstruksi minimal tingkat ahli Madya yang sudah pasti berpengalaman di bidang kontraktor jasa konstruksi lebih dari 7 (tujuh) tahun.

2. Sertifikat SMK3 adalah kebanggan perusahaan dalam nilai atau passing grade urusan tender / lelang pengadaan jasa konstruksi, maka kecepatan proses bimbingan melaksanakan implementasi dan penerapan semua kriteria SMK3 PP 50 tahun 2012 tergantung dari koneksi dan pengetahuan yang luas dari petugas Konsultan SMK3.

3. Melalui berbagai proses yang panjang salah satunya Audit Internal SMK3 adalah pekerjaan Konsultan SMK3 untuk bersama-sama internal perusahaan melakukan audit sebagai gambaran umum akan keberhasilan penerapan Sistem Manajemen Keselamatan dan Kesehatan kerja di lingkungan kerja perusahaan, maka konsultan SMK3 dituntut jeli dan tepat dalam penerapan terhadap profil perusahaan.

4. Mengetahui output konsultasi dengan cara setelah konsultan SMK3 mendampingi pra audit SMK3 sampai audit SMK3 dilakukan, maka pihak perusahaan bisa mengetahui tingkat penerapan, penyerapan, pemenuhan PP 50 tahun 2012 tentang SMK3 berdasarkan kriteria yang ada.

Perusahaan dengan cepat akan mengetahui kemahiran konsultan SMK3 karena temuan hasil Audit SMK3 akan diperbaiki oleh konsultan tersebut sendiri bersama-sama dengan perusahaan, artinya dibutuhkan lagi waktu untuk memperbaiki temuan2 pada saat audit.

Berikut list dokumen yang perlu di persiapkan dalam menghadapi audit SMK3 tahap awal :
1.     Legalitas perusahaan (akte, siup, domesili, tdp, sbu, npwp)
2.     Lay out gedung (kantor)
3.     Bukti di lakukan Internal audit SMK3
4.     Bukti di lakukan review Manajem secara periodik
5.     Photo2 training dan sertifikat
6.     Training damkar/drill
7.     Bukti dokumen Manual yang telah disahkan oleh dirut/direksi
8.     Bukti dokumen manual yang telah di sign oleh Management Representatif juga yang terkait dalam SMK3
9.     Bukti kepemilikan undang-undang tentang SMK3 (Manual)
10.                        Bukti training evakuasi
11.                        Sertifikasi Lift
12.                         Sertifikasi layak Fungsi (slf)
13.                         Sertifikasi Genset
14.                         Sertifikasi alat (alat yang di gunakan dalam mengerjakan proyek)
15.                         Bukti rapat PSK3 pertriwulan atau persemester dan bukti hasil rapat tersebut di laporkan ke depnakertrans wilayah dimana perusahaan berdomesili
16.                         SKP P3K
17.                         Bukti sertifikasi operator dan tenaga ahli (sio/sia)
18.                         Bukti Sertifikasi ahli K3 khususnya Sekretaris P2K3
19.                         Bukti/Sertifikat penghargaan yang pernah di peroleh perusahaan dari pihak external
20.                         Bukti keikutsertaan perusahaan dalam program Jamsostek
21.                         SKP P3K Damkar
22.                         Kotak P3k dan bukti di lakukan inspeksi rutin
23.                         Bukti penggukuran suhu, cahaya, kelembapan ruang kerja berikut
24.                         Bukti MCU tahun terakhir
25.                         Kop resmi perusahaan
26.                         Stempel resmi perusahaan
27.                         Susunan tim P2K3 yang disahkan yang diangkap oleh manajemen dan
28.                         Susunan P2K3 tersebut telah di sahkan oleh depnakertrans wilayah tersebut
29.                         List karyawan yang telah di laporkan ke depnakertrans wilayah dimana  perusahaan berdomesili
30.                         Membayar biaya auditor dan konsultan pendamping

28 item diatas adalah List dokumen audit SMK3 Tahap awal ideal yang harus di persiapkan dalam menghadapai audit smk3 di tahap awal (64 Kriteria).
Semoga List dokumen audit SMK3 Tahap awal ini dapat mempersiapkan perusahaan dalam menghadapi audit untuk mendapatkan skoring.

Penilaian Tingkat Penarapan SMK3

Level Pencapaian Dalam Implementasi

Katagori Perusahaan
 Level Awal (64 Kriteria)
Level  Implementasi KURANG
Level Implementasi BAIK
Level Implementasi MEMUASKAN
Level Transisi (122 Kriteria)
Level Implementasi KURANG
Level Implementasi BAIK
Level Implementasi MEMUASKAN
Level Tingkat Lanjut (166 Kriteria)
Level Implementasi KURANG
Level Implementasi BAIK
Level Implementasi MEMUASKAN

Detail daftar dokumen persyaratan sertifikasi SMK3 Tahap awal dan bagaimana cara melengkapinya, silahkan menghubungi kami:

PT. David Banggun Sejahtera

Mobile / Wa: 0813801 63185

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