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Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2016


Overcoming challenges to effective verbal communication is a top priority for both restaurant managers and employees in the front and back of the house. While the theme and underlying atmosphere of the place determine whether restaurant speak takes on a more formal or familiar tone, politeness and persuasiveness are always appropriate. Guidelines set verbal communication standards that encourage employees to work as a team and ensure the restaurant runs smoothly.

Breakfast time at Restaurant
10 – 5
10 Steps guest from main entrance                           present a sincere smile
5 steps guest getting closer to the main entrance     greet them by saying
Good morning/ afternoon/ evening   ........                how are you, sir/ mam?
Asking voucher
Excuse me, may i have your voucher, sir?
Missed place
Regrettably, sir. Your complimentary breakfast will be in Dragon at 4th floor.
Thank you very much, sir
For how many people,sir?                  4, please
Would you prefer smoking or non smoking are, sir?             Non smoking, please
No problem. Please follow me, sir
Is this table alright for you, sir?          Yes, that’s fine
Unfolding napkin
Excuse me, sir/ mam
Offering coffee/ tea
Would you prefer coffee or tea, sir?              Coffee, please
Right away, sir
Last call
Excuse me for disturbing you, sir
Our buffet is going to close in another 10 minutes
You might take the food and drink by now
Thank you

Delivering beverage
Here you are, sir
Offering eggs
Would you like some eggs, sir?                      Yes, sunny side up, please
Right away, sir
Two minute check
How was the meal, sir?                      Great. Especially the fish. Chuncky and flavor was fantastic
Thank you very much, sir. I will tell the chef about this
Offering second assistance
Would you like more coffee/ tea/ juice, sir? Yes, please
Answering request
Hello ......can i have a poached egg?
Yes, certainly. Sir
Reminding guest belonging
Excuse me, sir. It’s for your own safe
We recommend you to bring your phone when you left
Thank you
Clearing up the table
Excuse me, sir. Is it done?
If you caught the guest need a favor
Yes, sir. What can i do for you?
If you caught the guest come to the coffee machine/ egg station
Yes, sir. What can i do for you?                      Can i get  a coffee/ omelette?
Yes, certainly, sir. We’ll deliver it to your table shortly
Thank you for coming
Have a wonderful day, sir/ mam (morning & afternoon)
Have a good rest, sir/ mam  (evening)
Thank you for being with us, sir
Please come again

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